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Ankle mobility to help your knees

Ankle mobility to help your knees - learn now to test your ankles and improve their mobility to help your knees.
A big thank you to the staff and runners at the Yonge Street Running Room for having me out tonight for a clinic on running biomechanics.
As promised, I’m going to be putting images and videos of some of the biomechanical tests and corrective exercises we talked about.

We’ll start with the ankle and foot and work our way up - discovering how we can find potential issues before they arise and how we can help fix them.

Tonight we talked about how a lack of ankle mobility will put excessive stress on the knee. We need adequate up (dorsiflexion) and down (plantarflexion) motion at our ankle to walk, run, and climb stairs. If the we lack adequate motion at our ankle, one of our body parts has to make up for this.... ankle bone is connected to the knee bone.... and it’s the knee that takes the extra stress.

The video below shows how to check your own ankle mobility (specifically dorsiflexion at 0:40 second mark) as well as some ways to improve upon this yourself. It also shows how you can use a tennis ball to help release tight tissue within the calf and the foot to help improve ankle dorsiflexion.

Up next: Ankle stabilty - and some more exciting exercises to improve upon this besides toothbrush balancing!

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