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Dr. Warner has a unique approach to treating conditions - diagnose, relieve, release, restore and rehabilitate.

He aims to determine not only what the current issue is, but why it occurred and what can be done to alleviate it and prevent it from recurring.

Dr. Warner also tends to spend more time with patients than on average - treatments are a minimum of 15 minutes and they usually address multiple issues over the entire body.

The process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the issue with a verbal history of the primary complaint, and any previous injuries or medical conditions.
Next, a thorough evaluation is performed on the primary area of concern and also on the rest of the body - to diagnose the issue at hand, and any underlying causes of the problem.

Based on the findings of the comprehensive assessment, he works with the patient to develop a treatment plan to correct the issue. Treatment options are tailored to the condition as well as to patient preferences.

Relieve - pain and discomfort.
A wide variety of options are available to alleviate pain including acupuncture, laser therapy and gentle soft tissue work.

Release – tight muscles, tendons and ligaments.
This helps relax the area and relieve tight and restricting tissues. This can be done with Active Release Technique or acupuncture. Releasing tight tissues also means that improvements in joint mobility will be longer lasting.

Restore – mobility to restricted joints and restore proper function.
Once the soft tissues have been released, joint mobility problems can now be addressed with gentle mobilizations and stretches. Minimal force is required since tight tissues have all been released.

Rehabilitate – weakened and inhibited muscles.
Patients receive a simple, personalized, strengthening and stretching program to not only rehabilitate the area, but also to prevent any recurrences.