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Is your back always tight? Start asking WHY

I know the feeling - It’s not always painful, but it’s always kind of tight. You have a hard workout and it’s a bit tight afterwards. You constantly feel like you want to stretch it out. You do - and it helps. BUT it comes back. I just have to stretch more, you tell yourself.

What if you had a crack in your ceiling that kept recurring? You patch it and it helps. BUT it comes back. Maybe you just need to patch it more? Well you might think that, but you’d likely start asking why? Why does this crack keep returning – maybe I have an issue with my foundation or my roof? Maybe I should have an expert look at it before it gets worse?

Let’s rethink that recurrent tight back you experience. Do you really need to stretch it more? Why is it getting tight? Why don’t I have to stretch other parts of my body more? Maybe it’s not my back that’s the true root of the issue, maybe I should have an expert look at it before it gets worse?

So perhaps your back isn’t the problem. What if your back is tight because it’s fatigued from working way too hard? Maybe another part of your body isn’t doing it’s job properly and your back is compensating to help out. Any chance those abs aren’t working to their full potential? What about your glutes, are they doing as much as they should? What about those tight hips – are you bending at your back instead of your hips to perform movements?

If our body doesn’t have enough stability or mobility to perform a task, it will get any body part to pitch in to get the job done. Maybe you’ve been stretching and blaming one of hardest working parts of your body?

If this sounds like you – start asking why. You can keep patching the cracks in the ceilingg, or you can have it assessed and fix the true source of the issue.

Your hard working back will thank you.